Market Entry

We are market entry consultants, helping companies open the door of new markets

We have a successfull track record of helping various companies enter UK, European and other global markets. We work alongisde with you in developing an efficient market entry strategy that puts your aims and objectives first, whilst ensuring these fulfill the needs of potential customers in the target markets.


We know all businesses are unique in their way

That`s why we offer a tailor-made service for all your needs

Whichever phase you are in, we can walk with you along the way and find the best possible solution for your business with our proven data-driven tech based research methodology.

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Our Unique Methodology

Market entry strategy consultancy will provide business insights in three primary areas:


Market Research

Market research provides companies with insights that can help the management to ease data-driven decision meaking. 

  • Market Analysis: Market value analysis, including historical and projected growth and market development trends.

  • Growth Factors: Identify growth factors like legislation processes, barriers to growth, and other restrictions that may emerge in the target market.

  • Market Structures: Examine market structure components like stakeholders, incumbents, adjacent markets, and players in those markets.

  • Business Environment: Evaluate regulatory, technological, social, and political factors within the target market.

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity analysis uncovers information on what opportunities and threats await a new market entrant. Within this analysis, the market entry strategy consultant will address:

  • Value Proposition Capabilities: Will the company’s core capabilities, like engineering, and support capabilities, like sales and marketing, ensure success in the new market?

  • Market Size: How big is the potential target market, and what size of this market can be captured efficiently and cost-effectively?

  • Competitive Landscape: Who are the incumbents, what is their capacity to respond to new entrants and are there other potential market entrants?

  • Market Share Revenue Estimates: What are potential pricing and sales estimates, factoring in cost, and supply chain factors?

  • Market Entry Cost Estimates: How much will the market entry cost in terms of inputs, distribution, and creating economies of scale?

Market Entry Recommendations

Market entry strategy consultants offer recommendations on market entry factors like timing, speed of entry, international market entry strategy, and type of entry. Some of the market entry options they will provide advice on are:



Identifying the Right Market Entry Option:

  • Joint Ventures

  • Buyouts

  • Piggybacking

  • Turnkey Projects

  • Greenfield Investments

  • Direct Exporting

  • Licensing

  • Franchising

  • Partnering

  • Mergers

An Export Firm Market Entry - Business Case

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