We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ZER (KOÇ Group)

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ZER (KOÇ) in delivering strategic procurement solution PROMENA e-sourcing and e-procurement platform to UNITED KINGDOM Market

At LeVeNe Consulting, we have been helping our clients to solve their business problems in a transparent, collaborative, and innovative manner since 2016. In the recent year, with the effects of the global pandemic, “Supply Chain Management” becomes one of the biggest problems that all companies focus on to tackle. The Brexit uncertainty makes it even more compelling for British Business Owners who especially deals with non-UK Suppliers. We truly believe this strategic partnership will empower British Companies in managing their Supply-Chain, supplier relationship, sourcing and procurement operations effectively.

Regardless of size or industry, all companies do some form of sourcing & purchasing to support their operations. It could either be a complex manufacturing firm who deals with dozens of suppliers on regular basis or a small firm who is looking for regular office supply or one-off product requests. If you are still using manual workflows, paper based or spreadsheet-based procurement process then you are missing out the incredible benefits of an e-Procurement & e-Sourcing Software.

Manual procurement operations are mostly cause high processing costs, lost, or misplaced documents, slow approval cycles, missed discounts, and uncontrolled costs for Business Owners. Additionally, the supplier relationships may suffer due to late payments, lack of standardization, poor vendor management, inefficient dispute resolutions, and more.

By adopting a digital e-procurement & e-sourcing solution, you can streamline, automate, and optimize your entire procurement process, capture & reduce cost and generate value, maintain better relationship with suppliers and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Main Benefits of Strategic e- Procurement & E-sourcing system:

Cost Reduction: A e-sourcing & e-procurement management system analyses the areas where the high and low purchase cost are, which services or products are purchased regularly, where the company can save cost and suppliers who provide the best quality products at lower costs.

Shortened Business Cycles: A digital system minimizes the time and errors during transactions, This efficiency would have a ripple effect throughout the organization and improve speed to market, as other departments are no longer required to wait for manual data entry and approvals processes.

Increased Productivity: Automating tasks that had formerly been completed manually, an e-procurement system frees staff from low-value tasks, such as data entry and paper processing and filing. Instead, employees can focus on high-impact activities, improving supplier relationships and strategic sourcing.

Transparency and Control: All the transaction details are stored and monitored in a centralized system so that more people can track the previous transactions, costs, quality, and time of delivery of products.

Standardization: Workflows, forms, and approvals for purchase orders, RFXs, e-auctions can all be standardized with e-Procurement & E-sourcing software, limiting the possibility of wasteful spending and deviation from official purchasing policies and authorizations. Additionally, auditing made simpler as all the data is stored in one place so is compliance with regulatory procedures.


Promena is not only a tech provider! We at Levene Consulting, choose to partner with Promena due to their 20 years expertise in digital transformation. By choosing Promena you get not only the E-Sourcing platform but the unique opportunity to get professional consultancy service on your projects from a dynamic team who have provided the service for more than 150 customers with a 90% customer satisfaction index.

Why to Choose Promena?

Easy InterfacePromena's UI/UX design is its standout feature, clean and decidedly modern, and the applications and workflows are all well-organized with little guidance would be needed to get users up and running.

Budget Friendly Promena provides savings with its sourcing and procurement modules and helps his customers to reach it with a budget friendly, affordable platform. Not only does Promena offer a low TCO, but the benefits received from implementing Promena are comparable to systems several times more expensive.

Streamlined Supplier On-boarding Promena provides its clients a stream-lined and strong support for supplier information management, allowing suppliers to self-register via a link, answer detailed questionnaires via the form creation capability and assign themselves into a category (with buyer approval). Once a supplier is registered, all users, documents, completed forms and current activities can be tracked in a central location.

Comprehensive ReportingPromena has taken a more forward-looking approach to offer a modern BI environment where users can filter and report on numerous fields quickly and easily. Promena is not a standalone spend analysis solution, instead offers a streamlined and easy reporting module with powerful yet dynamic capabilities. Besides, the ability to talk with other data sources and transfer data to its reporting module brings Promena a competitive advantage.

GRANULAR Configuration – Procurement organizations can manage multiple activities, including sourcing event creation, supplier on-boarding, and basic product and catalog maintenance. Our top-down approach makes the entire platform more configurable and thus more broadly useful, as seen in how its category management structure cascades down into the various applications.

Advanced Operational Support - Promena offers a world-class managed service operation with its dynamic team. Supplier onboarding, event modelling, custom reporting and tech-consultancy features increase the value provided to clients. Beside self-service option, managed service option is usually preferred for complex procurement activities with more supplier attendance. Want to take a weight off your shoulders? Then be sure to use Promena's outstanding support team as an extension of your own.

Best For

Companies looking for easily implemented, cloud and on-Demand e-Sourcing solution. Whether that's SME's using a sourcing solution for the first time or MNC's looking for digitized procurement process.

PROMENA MODULES: Promena is all in one solution !



RFX services (RFI, RFP, RFQ)


Spend Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Procurement Workflow Management

PROMENA by Numbers

Here`s What our Customer say about the product?

Cresta Hotels

"The software functions well and has delivered the required value. It also offers excellent reporting and audit trail. Bidders have found the software to be stable and easy to use. The support and training we have received has been adequate and prompt. I therefore have no reservations in recommending Promena to provide online auctioning services."

Kagiso Matsila Group Procurement Manager

Ford Otosan

"Thanks to Promena, we have the opportunity to finalize our purchasing projects with many participants in a transparent e-Tender environment within 1-2 hours. In general terms, these negotiation processes take weeks. When we consider the financial benefits of an online competition, Promena offering an excellent on-demand e-Auction Service with an experienced team, has become an integral part of our purchasing process." Süleyman Serin Procurement Manager


"Our experience has been wonderful because it is a solution with an attractive user interface, which has offered our Organization a great value for money procurement solution. I was able to make significant reduction in our expenditure with nominal investment. The system has many features that assists the user to avoid repetitive tasks such as saving a bid setup as a template, copying events, and many others that helps reduce the effort needed to manage purchases. Most of all, the system provided internal and external transparency to our procurement process." Mohamed Ihab Ismail Operations Manager

Neqsol Holding

"Using e-Sourcing program in sourcing activities (i.e. provision of tenders, e-auctions, RFI, etc) is very critical for any organization since it addresses three important business requirements: sustaining transparency, control in sourcing activities, expanding access to suppliers across the world and increasing the timing of sourcing events. While we were looking for a digital solution for e-Sourcing, our preference was a flexible platform with an easy and user-friendly interface. This is important both for employee and supplier access. Promena has truly covered our needs and is providing the service which we were looking for. With their user-friendly platform, anyone can access and use this program without compromising key principles of sourcing activities." Natig Garakhanov Procurement Manager

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About Zer:

Zer started its activities as a Koç Group company in 2003. The company carries out its work with a vision of ‘’being Turkey’s best, and the World’s leader in strategic procurement and efficiency.’’ In 2007, it was registered under the name of Zer Central Services and Trade A.Ş. In 2012 and in alignment with this goal Promena is developed, a digital strategic purchasing platform that provides procurement and sourcing solutions to its customers.

About Koc Group:

Koç Holding was founded in 1926 and has become Turkey’s largest industrial and services group in terms of revenues, exports, employees, taxes paid and market capitalization throughout its journey of 90 years. The Group is the only Turkish company in Fortune Global 500 and has been a driving force of the Turkish economy with total sales that correspond 8% of Turkey’s GDP and exports that comprise 9% of Turkey’s total exports.


We’re pleased to make our partnership with ZER and look forward to helping more customers in harness the power of digitalization.

Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your company thrive!

To contact with us or find out how we can contribute to your business, send an e-mail to info@leveneconsulting.co.uk or visit us at www.leveneconsulting.co.uk

TO BOOK A DEMO VISIT: https://www.leveneconsulting.co.uk/promenauk

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